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Dear Bow Club Secretary


I am writing to let you know about our next two Long Bow making weekends - one 29th-31st January and the other 4th-6th March. Some of your members have attended our weekends in the past and have always enjoyed it .   Once again I would be grateful if you could let your members know about these forthcoming courses.  I have attached a poster for you to send out and/or out up in the club house.


During the weekend, participants have the chance to make a long bow out of lemon wood, hickory and purple heart, with horn knocks, using hand tools and traditional methods.  We have been successfully running these courses in our workshop  for ten years now.  The cost of the weekend is £215.00 which includes all materials and tuition. A voucher for one of these weekends would make a wonderful Christmas present for an archery enthusiast.


Our bows have brought lots of satisfaction to those who have attended our courses as, at the end of one weekend, they walk away with a beautiful bow they have made themselves for less money than it costs to buy one of similar quality. 


If you require any more information or posters to put up please don't hesitate to contact me.  

On our website - - there are details of the format of the weekends and information on our workshop. 

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